Work: Got some Perl stuff pret­ty much fin­ished up. Now I get to start in on the Con­tent Man­age­ment System.

Judo: Taught a cou­ple new mem­bers three throws: sasae-tsuriko­mi-ashi, ippon-seoi-nage, and uki-goshi.

Weath­er: Rainy all day; sup­posed to rain all night. Plus we’re get­ting a spot of light­ning and thun­der, the first I’ve seen since, oh, Octo­ber sometime.

TV view­ing: Tried to tape the sea­son finale of Bat­tlestar Galac­ti­ca tonight, but my VCR did some­thing wonky and I wound up with noth­ing. For the sec­ond time in a row. So I guess I’ll have to see if any­one I know man­aged to tape it…

Over­all: Not a bad day, though I’d like to see a lit­tle sunshine.