Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy
Discovered in Patrick Johanneson‘s Flickr photostream.

Just me, wearing my new T-shirt.

My bro-in-law exposed his sons to the Original Trilogy, and ever since then they’ve been deeply into the Star Wars phenomenon.

I actually was at their place when they watched Star Wars (you know, A New Hope). I was away the next day, when they watched The Empire Strikes Back. At supper that night, the oldest boy (he’s six) was agitating to watch Return of the Jedi, so that he could see how it all played out. But it was late, so my sister made him wait till the next day. He was grumping about it a little bit, so I told him, “I had to wait three years to find out what happened.”

“Why?” he said.

“Because that’s how long it took for the next movie to come out.”

He looked at me with a little smile, and said, “Boy, I’m glad I was born in 2000.”