Birthday Boy

Birth­day Boy
Dis­cov­ered in Patrick Johan­neson’s Flickr pho­to­stream.

Just me, wear­ing my new T‑shirt.

My bro-in-law exposed his sons to the Orig­i­nal Tril­o­gy, and ever since then they’ve been deeply into the Star Wars phe­nom­e­non.

I actu­al­ly was at their place when they watched Star Wars (you know, A New Hope). I was away the next day, when they watched The Empire Strikes Back. At sup­per that night, the old­est boy (he’s six) was agi­tat­ing to watch Return of the Jedi, so that he could see how it all played out. But it was late, so my sis­ter made him wait till the next day. He was grump­ing about it a lit­tle bit, so I told him, “I had to wait three years to find out what hap­pened.”

Why?” he said.

Because that’s how long it took for the next movie to come out.”

He looked at me with a lit­tle smile, and said, “Boy, I’m glad I was born in 2000.”