Westering: prologue

Last week we were in the West. Alberta, to be precise. We boarded a train on Friday evening, and were in Edmonton Saturday morning. We rented a car, drove south to Calgary, and spent a few days visiting with my sister and her hubby. Tuesday we drove back up to Edmonton, hung out with Kathleen’s sister and her family, then got on the eastbound train on Saturday evening. By 9 AM Sunday we were home again.

That’s a capsule summary, of course. Over the next few days I’ll drill down in more detail, but for now I’m tired (I think I picked up a cold out West), and so here are some selected pictures from our trip (some of which will surely be repeated in the next few posts).

Susie and Jeff
My sister and her hubby.

You can tell I’m a prairie boy; every time I’m near any mountains, I feel the need to record all of them. This is a set of six or so photos, stitched together with Autostitch.

Orchids Orchids I almost stepped in this
Some of the plants in Edmonton’s Muttart Conservatory.

Sharon and Cy
Kathleen’s sister and her hubby.

The dome
Not far from home, I found myself alone in the dome car with my camera and my little mini-tripod.

More to come!