“Truth” in advertising

Last night I saw an ad for Eragon, which ran a bit like this:

“The critics are in agreement! [praise for Eragon]! [praise for Eragon]! Now playing!”

I couldn’t help but notice that they had all of two quotes praising the film, so I decided I’d do my own research. I went to that clearinghouse of critical opinion, rottentomatoes.com. Regarding Eragon: The film had a 12% rating. (Hmmm. Overnight it’s climbed to 13%.) This means that 13% of the critics weighing in on the film had a high opinion of the movie, and 87%, well, didn’t.

The critics are in agreement, but I don’t think that’s the kind of message that puts buttocks in theatre seats.

2 thoughts on ““Truth” in advertising

  1. I’ll only see the sequel if Rachel Weisz does a nude scene. Sort of a double role . . . voice of Sephira, Eragon’s lurve interest, that sort of thing.

    Don’t waste your money.

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