^^^That ain’t me.

My new judo­gi came in tonight. It’s very blue.

Also: I’ve become hope­less­ly addict­ed to the new Bat­tlestar Galac­ti­ca series. A co-work­er (thanks, John!) loaned me the first cou­ple DVDs the oth­er day, and I watched them; now I’ve got the next three discs. Must… pace… myself.

It was amus­ing, though, to show the movie A Sim­ple Curve at the Evans this past week­end. It’s a good film; I enjoyed it more than I expect­ed to. But the fun­ny part? See­ing Michael Hogan (BSG’s uptight, angry Colonel Tigh) play Jim, an aging but still-imma­ture hippie.

Doug, here’s my favorite line from the movie, para­phrased from memory:

[dis­cussing a moment in Jim’s past sex life]
Caleb: Oh God, it was a hip­pie three­some?
Jim: No. No, no, no. [paus­es] We, uh, we took turns.

Tonight: some more writ­ing, and then I think it’ll be bedtime.