Thirteen synopses


One-sen­tence syn­opses for projects I’m work­ing on.

  1. Earth Fleet
    A mys­te­ri­ous­ly emp­ty Earth serves as back­drop and cat­a­lyst to a final, apoc­a­lyp­tic bat­tle between two war­ring human civilizations.
  2. The Cold­est War
    An army of ghosts, res­ur­rect­ed in the out­er solar sys­tem, bat­tles against incur­sions from the liv­ing in the inner sys­tem and a swarm of alien ghosts from inter­stel­lar space.
  3. The Trees
    On a Dyson shell trav­el­ing through the inter­galac­tic dark, a young boy may be the descen­dant of the god­like peo­ple who launched the shell, or mere­ly the pawn of two fac­tions involved in a pro­tract­ed cold war.
  4. Every­thing That Nev­er Happened
    The cap­tain of a ketch is forced to work for zom­bies, but the trea­sure they seek may spell the end of life as he has known it.
  5. Salyx
    A young boy comes of age on a dis­tant colony world, just as Earth is attempt­ing to recon­nect with all the worlds it has lost touch with.
  6. The Par­ley
    The human race meets one last time on Earth to ham­mer out a uni­ver­sal truce, but a mur­der takes cen­ter stage.
  7. Esau
    A cyborg gun­slinger makes his way to the cap­i­tal of the king­dom, to kill his broth­er, the king.
  8. Heav­en and Earth
    A man, enslaved by the woman that killed and res­ur­rect­ed him, plots vengeance, but she is more dan­ger­ous that he knows.
  9. The Ash of Memory
    A woman pass­es through the bar­do, puri­fy­ing her­self and prepar­ing for her reincarnation.
  10. Fim­bul­vetr
    The last man in a snow-cov­ered world meets with char­ac­ters out of Norse myth.
  11. Yasht
    A Uni­verse-span­ning hive mind that may or may not be God makes con­tact with the human race.
  12. Across a Wound­ed Land
    A man teams up with a cyborg to res­cue his wife from a wiz­ard, but the cyborg has plans of his own.
  13. Heat Death
    After the stars go out, the gods gath­er to dis­cuss what comes next.

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9 thoughts on “Thirteen synopses

  1. wow! 13 sto­ries on the go at once! I’m amaza­ed. how far along are they?

    i reck­on they all sound like they could be made into some­thing (depend­ing on your writ­ing abil­i­ty of course *grin*), but The Par­ley sounds like a best seller:-)

    my TT is up

  2. Well…

    They’re not all on the go at once. Most of them are on the back burn­er, wait­ing till the time is right. (Or maybe they’re out on the vine, ripen­ing. That may be a bet­ter metaphor…)

    Some of them are pret­ty far along; some of them are still being formed in my mind. But all of them have at least a cou­ple hun­dred words com­mit­ted to disk…

  3. Wish I had that many ideas right now. Well… you know, now that I think of it, I have sev­er­al on my back­burn­er right now. Good to see a 13 from anoth­er SF mind­ed per­son. Cheers!

  4. I like #13. The gods dis­cuss what comes next. I’ve always thought that cats should be the dom­i­nate inter­galac­tic species…Great TT list!

    Come learn my per­son­al lan­guage from my TT list!

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