Thirteen synopses


One-sentence synopses for projects I’m working on.

  1. Earth Fleet
    A mysteriously empty Earth serves as backdrop and catalyst to a final, apocalyptic battle between two warring human civilizations.
  2. The Coldest War
    An army of ghosts, resurrected in the outer solar system, battles against incursions from the living in the inner system and a swarm of alien ghosts from interstellar space.
  3. The Trees
    On a Dyson shell traveling through the intergalactic dark, a young boy may be the descendant of the godlike people who launched the shell, or merely the pawn of two factions involved in a protracted cold war.
  4. Everything That Never Happened
    The captain of a ketch is forced to work for zombies, but the treasure they seek may spell the end of life as he has known it.
  5. Salyx
    A young boy comes of age on a distant colony world, just as Earth is attempting to reconnect with all the worlds it has lost touch with.
  6. The Parley
    The human race meets one last time on Earth to hammer out a universal truce, but a murder takes center stage.
  7. Esau
    A cyborg gunslinger makes his way to the capital of the kingdom, to kill his brother, the king.
  8. Heaven and Earth
    A man, enslaved by the woman that killed and resurrected him, plots vengeance, but she is more dangerous that he knows.
  9. The Ash of Memory
    A woman passes through the bardo, purifying herself and preparing for her reincarnation.
  10. Fimbulvetr
    The last man in a snow-covered world meets with characters out of Norse myth.
  11. Yasht
    A Universe-spanning hive mind that may or may not be God makes contact with the human race.
  12. Across a Wounded Land
    A man teams up with a cyborg to rescue his wife from a wizard, but the cyborg has plans of his own.
  13. Heat Death
    After the stars go out, the gods gather to discuss what comes next.

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9 thoughts on “Thirteen synopses

  1. wow! 13 stories on the go at once! I’m amazaed. how far along are they?

    i reckon they all sound like they could be made into something (depending on your writing ability of course *grin*), but The Parley sounds like a best seller:-)

    my TT is up

  2. Well…

    They’re not all on the go at once. Most of them are on the back burner, waiting till the time is right. (Or maybe they’re out on the vine, ripening. That may be a better metaphor…)

    Some of them are pretty far along; some of them are still being formed in my mind. But all of them have at least a couple hundred words committed to disk…

  3. Wish I had that many ideas right now. Well… you know, now that I think of it, I have several on my backburner right now. Good to see a 13 from another SF minded person. Cheers!

  4. I like #13. The gods discuss what comes next. I’ve always thought that cats should be the dominate intergalactic species…Great TT list!

    Come learn my personal language from my TT list!

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