Titles are hard

Or they can be, anyways.

I’m work­ing on expand­ing and com­plet­ing the first draft of a sto­ry I start­ed in June. It’s set on a slice of a Dyson shell made of trees woven into each oth­ers’ root sys­tems, wrapped around a star and sent on its way into the inter­galac­tic dark. No one alive knows where they’re going, or why the world’s mak­ers (the For­got­ten Gods) sent them in the first place.

I’ve been call­ing it “Wis­dom Finds Me”, because that’s what the main char­ac­ter’s name means in the local for­est tongue, but I want some­thing more… some­thing more. Tonight I came up with “Can’t See the For­est for the Stars”, and I kind of like it, but I’m not entire­ly sure.

Any sug­ges­tions?