Flickrblogging — 2816

Dis­cov­ered in derek73’s Flickr photostream. 

All right, I think we’ve decid­ed. I’ll have a small Hawai­ian piz­za, Lisa’ll go with the chick­en fin­gers and a Cae­sar, and Travis will have your pep­per­corn burg­er. Yeah, fries are fine. What? Gravy? No, that’s all right, no gravy. Oh, and no mat­ter how much he begs, don’t bring Travis any more cof­fee. Ever.”

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4 thoughts on “Flickrblogging — 2816

  1. I thought about using this one, too. It remind­ed me of an old med­ical report I read, way back in med school, about a cuban guy with Grave’s exoph­thal­mos. He was able to vol­un­tar­i­ly bug out one of his eyes. It was quite impres­sive. Guess how he made his liv­ing: folks would hire him to give peo­ple the evil eye! Can’t make shit like that up.

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