Movies from Last Weekend

I saw five movies last weekend; three were on TV as I convalesced from a stomach flu, and the other two were:

I don’t know X-Men canon. I don’t really care about X-Men canon. With that in mind, I enjoyed this movie. It was fast-paced, mostly, and well-acted, generally. Kelsey Grammer in particular surprised me; I quite liked his character, both the on-screen persona and Grammer’s portrayal of him.

In addition, no matter what else you like or dislike about the film or the franchise, I must say this: Magneto is one of the most complex villains I’ve ever seen on screen, in any movie, of any kind. Not a bad accomplishment for a super-hero film.


The Da Vinci Code
Sometimes I get the feeling that I’m a member of a super-secret society with a rather short membership list: the people who have never read Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code. I tried, O how I tried, to read it; but somewhere before the hundredth page, I got fed up with the exposition, the every-chapter-has-a-cliffhanger, and the sense that the whole thing tottered on a set of, oh, nine hundred interlocking conspiracies from down through the ages, the disproof of even one of which will set the whole thing at nines, leaving a scattered mess of half-baked ideas and loopy fallacies.

The movie’s kind of the same way, only I didn’t leave at the half-hour mark. But the exposition is still a huge part of why I didn’t like the film; there was one scene in particular where Tom Hanks looks Audrey Tautou in the eye and essentially says, “Now listen closely, Audrey, because the audience needs to know this”, and then proceeds to spew forth a piece of pure info-dumperation, complete with words you won’t find outside of the Oxford dictionary. No one in the world–not even a Harvard professor of Religious Symbology–would use words like that in conversation.

So: Meh. Now at least I know how the novel ends, and all without having to, you know, read it.

Oh, the movies on TV? Chasing Amy, which I hadn’t seen since whenever it first hit VHS; Gattaca, my DVD copy that my darling wife bought for me; and one of my all-time favourite movies, definitely my favourite action movie ever, The Road Warrior.


One thought on “Movies from Last Weekend

  1. I love Chasing Amy. Loooooove it. She is soooo damned cute, and I didn’t believe in her gayness, not for one moment.

    I, too, am in the DVC Non-Reader Club. Truly an honorable membership.

    As for Road Warrior, it helped me get through college. (A) It got me psyched up to study for finals in my sophomore year, and (B) it inspired an essay I wrote for an Anthro class (which earned me an A for the class).

    Hey, come around to my place for Flickr Follies. I think you would enjoy it.

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