Story #13

Quoth the Gen­er­a­tor: The sto­ry’s pro­ta­gan­ist is female and a clerk. A gun plays a sig­nif­i­cant part in the sto­ry. The sto­ry is set in a rain­storm in the far future. The sto­ry is about revenge.

Title: Two Drag­ons
1300 words


Slow­ly she came into focus, there in my drowsy head­space: blonde hair pulled back in a pony­tail, green eyes like the ocean, a mole to the left of her chin. She was nei­ther short nor tall. Her blood type was B pos­i­tive and she paint­ed her fin­ger­nails and toe­nails a shade of pink that put me in mind of a cave-dwelling species of orchid, frag­ile blooms unfurl­ing in reflect­ed moonlight.

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