It must be spring

I got a stone in my sandal tonight, and there’s a sign of spring right there–I can wear sandals. I can wear sandals at 9 o’clock at night, and shorts and a t-shirt, and not wish I’d put on more clothes before I left the house.

There were some gorgeous sunset colours in the sky tonight, like it had been painted in candy-floss hues, and there’s a smell of burning leaves that speaks at once of spring and autumn. There are buds on the trees, there’s green in the lawn, and there’s barbecued burger in my belly. There’s mud in my driveway, dandelions in the grass, and geese in the Ducks Unlimited ponds (photos later). I rode my bike for an hour today and remembered again why I prefer cycling over running. Must get out and do more of it. Especially now that spring is here.

It’s my favourite of all the seasons, and not just because my birthday falls on its first day.

And now, I’m off to write for a bit.

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