Bad day

It's called "a bad day"

This guy had a bad day.

I was in Pizza Hut with my wife, her mother, and her aunt, and a semi truck (or tractor-trailer) was trying to negotiate the corner. Now it’s a tight corner there, and I know I wouldn’t want to have to sling a semi around it. He missed the fire hydrant. He was doing the stop-and-go thing that usually means the trailer’s tires are hung up on the curb. Then he just gunned it, went for it, and was free.

With the stoplight post dragging along the ground.


So one of the Pizza Hut employees ran out and grabbed the actual stop lights (which had fallen free) and dragged them off the road onto the restaurant’s lawn. I noticed that one of the vehicles, a minivan stopped at what had till recently been “the lights”, contained a guy talking on his cell phone. Further inspection showed that he had a police officer patch on his shoulder.

When we left the restaurant, I dropped Kathleen off at work, then dashed home, grabbed the camera, and went back. I snapped this shot at the stop sign on 19th Street, trying to keep the officers in the police car from seeing me. Turned out pretty good, I think.

2 thoughts on “Bad day

  1. Yeah, though I must admit, it had a frisson of schadenfreude to it (and how ’bout that, a trilingual post!). Uh, Uisce Beathe, hoi polloi, and harai-tsurikomi-ashi, too. There. Hexalingual.

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