Nostalgia and its perils

So tonight the tele­vi­sion sta­tion Déjà View* had, in order, Simon & Simon and Knight Rid­er, two shows that I was addict­ed to in my youth. (Well, as addict­ed as I was to any TV.)

Simon & Simon has aged fair­ly well. The feath­ered hair­dos and fun­ny clothes kind of date the show, but the snap­py ban­ter between the broth­ers was still enjoy­able after all these years. Aside from a few unin­ten­tion­al­ly hilar­i­ous plot holes–no worse than any oth­er ’80s leftovers–the show was fun to watch and the theme song still puts me in a hap­py place.

Knight Rid­er, on the oth­er hand… Well, I’ll be kind, and not tell you how many times my wife and I were laugh­ing at the high cheese fac­tor. It was def­i­nite­ly a Mys­tery Sci­ence The­atre 3000 kind of vibe in my liv­ing room. You know it’s bad when the best actor on the show is the vague­ly snot­ty British voice of the car. (Oh, and it was an episode from the “Super Pur­suit Mode” days, and I feel all crawly and dirty that that phrase makes sense to me.)

Wow. Just–wow.

* A net­work ded­i­cat­ed to show­ing old tele­vi­sion shows. Once they had a–shudder–Love Boat marathon.

3 thoughts on “Nostalgia and its perils

  1. Knight Rid­er and McGuyver def­i­nite­ly have a lot of cheese fac­tor. The things you can do with a speak­ing car and some duct tape and a bit of wire. 🙂

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