Nostalgia and its perils

So tonight the television station Déjà View* had, in order, Simon & Simon and Knight Rider, two shows that I was addicted to in my youth. (Well, as addicted as I was to any TV.)

Simon & Simon has aged fairly well. The feathered hairdos and funny clothes kind of date the show, but the snappy banter between the brothers was still enjoyable after all these years. Aside from a few unintentionally hilarious plot holes–no worse than any other ’80s leftovers–the show was fun to watch and the theme song still puts me in a happy place.

Knight Rider, on the other hand… Well, I’ll be kind, and not tell you how many times my wife and I were laughing at the high cheese factor. It was definitely a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 kind of vibe in my living room. You know it’s bad when the best actor on the show is the vaguely snotty British voice of the car. (Oh, and it was an episode from the “Super Pursuit Mode” days, and I feel all crawly and dirty that that phrase makes sense to me.)

Wow. Just–wow.

* A network dedicated to showing old television shows. Once they had a–shudder–Love Boat marathon.

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