Why can’t they make good SF movies?

So last night I got an email from a friend of mine (let’s call him Kevin, since that’s his name):

Sub­ject: Aeon Flux

I knew some peo­ple might not like it. But this review is ridiculous:

It was so uncom­fort­able to watch this film, I felt like I was des­per­ate­ly hold­ing back a bout of extreme diar­rhea while hav­ing din­ner with my girlfriend’s folks for the first time. While the feel­ing kept ebbing and flow­ing, the pain nev­er quite left. It was just bet­ter to grit my teeth and clench down, pray­ing for an end to the night.

-rot­ten tomatoes

Soo Care for the mati­nee tomorrow?

And so we went, because, hey, it’s got to be bet­ter than diar­rhea. No, wait, extreme diarrhea.

It was bet­ter. It was cer­tain­ly not great, but it was short of stom­ach-churn­ing­ly bad, too.

The good: The spe­cial effects. Some of the music. Some of the per­for­mances (with a caveat of “they did what they could with what they were giv­en”). The one girl with four hands (though it’s not the first time I’ve heard of it, it’s the first time I’ve seen it con­vinc­ing­ly done in a film (see “spe­cial effects”)).

The bad: Well, the script. The art­sy-fart­sy shots at times. The lame attempts at humour (there was only one line that made me laugh). The math (two exam­ples: we’re told right at the out­set that 99% of Earth­’s pop­u­la­tion were killed by a virus, and the “remain­ing 5 mil­lion peo­ple” formed a city. Um, 1% of 6+billion is more like 60 mil­lion than 5 mil­lion; and there is a point where we’re told that 400 years is equal to 7 gen­er­a­tions. I thought a human gen­er­a­tion was about 2025 years, so 7 gen­er­a­tions is less than 200 years, tops).

Watch­ing the cred­its, I was struck by the thought that Pete Postlet­whaite and Frances McDor­mand prob­a­bly won’t be putting this one on their resumés.

I’m such a curmudgeon.

2 thoughts on “Why can’t they make good SF movies?

  1. Remem­ber the ani­mat­ed series? That ruled. Styl­ish, beau­ti­ful. Aeon was the stuff of any red-blood­ed male’s wet dream.

    From the clips I’ve seen, this Aeon looks like a Puri­tan by comparison.

  2. Hi, Guy.
    No, you’re not a cur­mud­geon — sim­ply cursed by basic math skills and logic.
    That sort of thing seri­ous­ly burns my ass.

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