Compy is here

Kathleen and CompyOur new com­put­er arrived yes­ter­day. Dell had a spe­cial that we just could­n’t resist. We got a new PC and 17″ LCD mon­i­tor for about what we paid for our pre­vi­ous com­put­er, which came with­out an OS (the new Compy has Win­dows XP Home onboard). Much much faster. The old machine was bought about 2000, if mem­o­ry serves.

So yeah. I’ve set up the old machine upstairs in the library, with a wire­less card, so I’m in geek heav­en, and my wife is hap­py because now she can actu­al­ly do cool things like video chats with her sis­ters and their chilluns.

Lat­ers! Off to geek out!

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