Siding (6)

We’re break­ing for the week­end; then we’ll be in the home stretch. We’re at the point where we need the scaf­fold­ing to be fif­teen feet high. The the­o­ry is that while we’re up there, we’ll put in the sof­fits & fas­cia too.

My wife and I are going to the Big City this week­end. (And what’s that say about where I live, that a city of 600,000 or so is the Big City?) Just a break from the house, and the end of my vaca­tion. Mon­day I’m back to work, so siding—for me—will be rel­e­gat­ed to evenings, before sundown.

How’s every­one else doing?

One thought on “Siding (6)

  1. Aw, kwitcher­bitchin. Eure­ka, CA has a city pop­u­la­tion under 30,000, and Med­ford, OR, has a city pop­u­la­tion under 70,000. Those are our big cities, and they’re each over an hour away.

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