We went camp­ing on the week­end. [edit: The pho­tos are now post­ed.] I’d nev­er been down to the beach at Minnedosa. It was a love­ly spot, and the stars at night as we walked back to our tent were amaz­ing. We were right down on the beach, too, which was still as glass, reflect­ing the lights of the town on the far shore. Every­thing was perfect…


There was a wed­ding in town, and a bunch of the par­ty-goers had tents two slots down from us at the camp­ground. Which would’ve been fine except that they decid­ed that 4 AM was the per­fect time to turn on their stereo and blare crap­tas­tic music. I seri­ous­ly con­sid­ered just get­ting up, pack­ing up, and dri­ving home — it’s only half an hour from my house to the camp­ground — but I knew the camp­ground gates were locked. So I lay there and fan­ta­sized about what I would do if I had a mil­lion-can­dle­pow­er hand-held flood­light. Even­tu­al­ly I got to sleep, but it was­n’t what you’d call a qual­i­ty sleep.

How was your weekend?