1000 words at a time

A thou­sand words tonight, in about an hour. My nov­el-in-progress, Earth Fleet*, is now at 10,000+ words of a pro­ject­ed 120,000ish.

Cabrell had­n’t been to the hub since the press­gang order had come into effect. He’d almost for­got­ten, this morn­ing, had in fact been sit­ting down to a large break­fast when some lit­tle angel had whis­pered in his ear those mag­i­cal words: weight­less vom­it. Instead of the omelette and sausage, he’d set­tled for some tea and a dry wafer of nutrients.

I have 11 chap­ters so far, of a prob­a­ble 80–100. So things appear to be on course. (Yes, I like short chap­ters. That’s just the way it goes, sometimes.)


*Until and unless I come up with a bet­ter title.