Mmmm, chocolatey…

We went to Char­lie and the Choco­late Fac­to­ry last night. Being some­one who (a) nev­er read the book and (b) nev­er cared much for the pre­vi­ous cel­lu­loid incar­na­tion, I was pret­ty luke­warm about the whole idea. I enjoyed the movie, though. It was a more enter­tain­ing ride than the trail­ers had implied. John­ny Depp was quirky to the point of freaky, and Tim Bur­ton’s curlicued set design made my inner child happy.

After­wards we wound up at For­bid­den Flavours for cof­fee, and my wife almost bought some Har­ry Pot­ter can­dy. Some­day I’ll do an inven­to­ry of all the weird can­dies to be had at FF; for now I’ll just say that their cof­fee is expen­sive but worth it. And it was busy, which is always a good sign. Now that Star­bucks is in town (down on the flood­plain with Wal-Mart and the Home Depot and Futureshop and a group of oth­er box­en), I won­der if FF will suf­fer, or if they’ve carved them­selves a suf­fi­cient niche in this town.

We also went to URLs, which is a sort of geek store that sells ani­me, action fig­ures, books, and rents DVDs. We rent­ed Clone Wars Vol­ume I, so that my wife can watch all of it, hope­ful­ly with­out falling asleep this time. And then we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled for Vol­ume II, if it’s even out yet. (Any­body know?)

2 thoughts on “Mmmm, chocolatey…

  1. What­ev­er you do, don’t by the Har­ry Pot­ter jelly­beans. They real­ly have put some godaw­ful fla­vors in there. Vom­it real­ly tastes like vom­it, etc.

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