Potter has pulled me in, and other ramblings

—I’ve been read­ing Har­ry Pot­ter and the Half-Blood Prince for the last few days, and today I sud­den­ly real­ized that I’m halfway done. I must admit, J. K. Rowl­ing knows how to keep my inter­est. Things are mov­ing along, and it’s kind of fun to see if I can cor­rect­ly guess what’s coming.

—The B‑man and I chain­sawed the fall­en tree into liftable chunks last night. I have a friend that has a wood­stove and a truck, and she’s agreed to take the logs off my hands. I’ll email her Mon­day; she works at the Uni­ver­si­ty too, at least for the summer.

—I’ve start­ed think­ing again about doing a bon­sai. I did some Googling today, and found Crash­Bon­sai. Like I said before, I can nev­er say “I’ve seen every­thing” and tru­ly mean it.

—Today’s been kind of a lazy day; I’ve had a headache on and off for most of the day. Noth­ing major, but it’s kept me from want­i­ng to do a whole lot. My wife’s been kick­ing my hind end at a video game, and lat­er on the B‑man and his wife (whose first ini­tial is also B) will be comin’ over for BBQ chick­en, and prob­a­bly a round of canas­ta. Wish me luck!