Notes from Friday


  • Acceleran­do: 11%.
  • Har­ry Pot­ter: part­way through Chap­ter 4 (I think).

Blog­ging—I’ve start­ed anoth­er blog, too, one that I intend to use large­ly for my fic­tion at this point. If you want to see it, it’s right over here. It’s using a soft­ware pack­age called Word­Press, PHP/MySQL based, and so I’ll prob­a­bly be fid­dling with it on and off.

Writ­ing—I’ve done a bit of work on “The Ash of Mem­o­ry”, a lit­tle more on my SF Chal­lenge sto­ry, and not a lot else. Done some cog­i­tatin’ on Earth Fleet, and some on The Cold­est War, but noth­ing that’s made it into any files yet. I’m hop­ing to do some tonight, but we’ll see what else goes on.

Day Job—So this Tues­day I get to move. My office is being tak­en over by anoth­er depart­ment, and so I’m going to wind up, more-or-less tem­porar­i­ly, in a for­mer film stor­age room in the Uni­ver­si­ty library. It’s kind of cool, actu­al­ly; when you hit the light switch, the flu­o­res­cents all come on with that clunk sound that I asso­ciate with old fac­to­ries, and there’s a water foun­tain, wash­room, mop room, and dumb­wait­er all in the room. (Not that I think we’ll be rid­ing the dumb­wait­er up and down, but you got­ta admit, that’d be cool.) I’ll be los­ing my nice big desk—it’s a lit­tle unwieldy to move, honestly—but I’ll be gain­ing… I’m not sure what I’ll be gain­ing. But at least I won’t be mov­ing back into the basement.

One thought on “Notes from Friday

  1. Hi Pat. Your com­ment about your job remind­ed me of a short sto­ry I start­ed (but nev­er fin­ished) back in col­lege. All I remem­ber: some­time in the not-so-far-off future. The col­leges are so over­loaded with under­paid pro­fes­sors that the profs with less senior­i­ty live in, and run their offices hours from, the bath­rooms. See? It can always get worse ;o)

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