Harry Potter; Irony

My wife fin­ished read­ing the new Har­ry Pot­ter book the oth­er night, so I’ve start­ed in on it. I’m two chap­ters in and already I’m intrigued. With­out spoil­ers, suf­fice to say that cer­tain char­ac­ters’ motives and, well, char­ac­ters have been cast in a brand-new light.

I also just noticed, the oth­er day, a deli­cious, sec­ondary lev­el of irony in my choice of library books: I mean, seri­ous­ly, Going Postal

(“And what do you mean, slow of mind?” « ten points to who­ev­er tells me the source of that quote)

Any­ways, got­ta get to work soon. Later!

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