The Visit

So my sis­ter, her hus­band, and their two boys (aged five-years-less-a-week and two) came to vis­it this week­end. We had fun. We read, we played video games, we went down to the mall, etc etc. I got to break out my Lego and build some cool stuff. (I’m known as the Lego uncle; I still get the occa­sion­al set for Christ­mas or birth­day gifts, and it’s only recent­ly that we’ve stopped giv­ing the nephews Lego for their gifts, as they have enough for now. (As if there’s such a thing as enough Lego.))

So yeah. More posts to come. Things are going fair­ly well around here.


One thought on “The Visit

  1. My son’s a Lego fanat­ic. I’d dear­ly love to know how many pieces he owns, but that num­ber is, I sus­pect, imag­i­nary, or at least irra­tional. You can vac­u­um a room, check under all the cush­ions, turn over every book, and ten min­utes lat­er some lit­tle guy in a yel­low hard­hat will show up to say, “Hey, what­tabout me?”

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