After sunset, Aug. 52022


I went to vis­it my friend Tim up at Wasagam­ing. We went out to Spruces for sun­set, and on the way back to town we stopped in at the golf course/wishing well scenic spot. I was scout­ing pos­si­ble locales for future astropho­tog­ra­phy (it was cloudy that night, so I did­n’t get any stars shot last night), and I decid­ed to try my hand at HDRing the post-sun­set glow in the sky.

I think it turned out OK.

HDR, or High Dynam­ic Range: You take mul­ti­ple pho­tos in quick suc­ces­sion, at dif­fer­ent expo­sures, and then com­bine them to pull out the most detail at all light lev­els. I used the fol­low­ing 3 pho­tos to make the above image (man­u­al­ly edit­ed in GIMP).

Twilight at Spruces

Twilight at Spruces in Riding Mountain National Park

My friend Tim is camp­ing up at Wasagam­ing in Rid­ing Moun­tain. I went to vis­it him last night, and before I came home we went to Spruces to check out the twi­light. (We’d planned to check out the sun­set but we got to talk­ing, and time got away from us a lit­tle bit. So it goes.)

Some tall, leaning spruces

Some love­ly cre­pus­cu­lar light there.

We saw a wolf, too, trot­ting down the high­way, but I did­n’t get a pho­to of him.