Writing Retreat 2023: Friday

Star trails and a thunderstorm

Well. I did­n’t real­ly keep up with post­ing about my retreat, did I now.

I was at the cab­in for a week, Fri­day to Fri­day, with a cou­ple days off in Win­nipeg for my mom’s birth­day. The weath­er was gen­er­al­ly pret­ty grey, though it warmed up on Thurs­day enough for me to take my one and only kayak ride. (It was love­ly, but windy, so the lake was a bit choppy.)

Thurs­day night, final­ly, the sky was most­ly clear. There was a thun­der­storm far, far off to the north; I could see the flash­es, but I could­n’t hear the thun­der at all.

The Big DipperThe Big Dipper (with lines)

I also snapped pho­tos of Jupiter and all four Galilean moons, and Sat­urn (I think I even caught a bit of the ring).

Series: Writing Retreat 2023

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Inter­est­ed in prints of my pho­tos? Let me know, and we can work some­thing out.