Bubble lights

Dried flowers tied with a ribbon

I wrote about 1,000 more words tonight in Dried Flow­ers, and here’s a snip­pet, a snatch of con­ver­sa­tion about old-style bub­ble lights.

Her: Why did you dig out those damn lights?

Him: They were from her mom’s place. I thought… I thought it might be a nice con­nec­tion for her. A link to, to the past.

Her: They’re fire hazards.

Him: No more than any oth­er string of bulbs on the tree.

Her: They’re fifty years old. More.

Him: And? I’m fifty years old.

I also learned that bub­ble lights are still made today, and a lot of them use a chem­i­cal called meth­yl­ene chlo­ride because it’s got a low boil­ing point (39.6°C, low enough that a light­bulb can make it bub­ble). The down­side is that a) it might be car­cino­genic and b) your body will prob­a­bly con­vert it to car­bon monox­ide if you ingest it. So, uh… don’t eat the bub­ble lights, I guess.