A positive note

fountain pen on notepad

A bunch of rejec­tions cropped up in my email in the last week or so. I know it’s part of the job (the game? the process?), but it’s not all that much fun.

As I was gear­ing up to re-sub­mit the pieces in ques­tion, though, I got a cheery lit­tle mes­sage from a friend and fel­low author, which made me feel bet­ter about the whole thing.

Meant to say I quite enjoyed your sto­ry “The Smoke” and I hope you find a good place­ment for it. Did­n’t have much else to add, I like the nar­ra­tor and the end­ing. […] Great job!

So, thanks for that, Chadwick.

Cur­rent­ly “The Smoke” is in the mid­dle of edit­ing, but I assure you I’ll be send­ing it back to him when it’s ready for the next round. If you’d like to read it too—it’s a viking/Iceland–inspired ghost sto­ry… in space!—do let me know.