Hoarfrost around town

On the morn­ing of Dec. 31st, there was quite a bit of hoar­frost. I grabbed my cam­era and went north of the riv­er to take some photos.

(All of the photos—except the head­er image—are colour pho­tos. That’s just how much black, grey, and white there was that morning.)

Discovery Centre

First I went to the River­bank Dis­cov­ery Cen­tre, where the hoar­frost com­bined with a fog com­ing off the riv­er to make a sur­re­al wonderland.

Agricultural Research Station

Then I head­ed west a cou­ple kilo­me­tres, to the dri­ve­way of the agri­cul­tur­al research sta­tion, where I knew I’d find some love­ly rows of ever­greens. I did­n’t real­ize I’d also find a snow fence with a cool frost grid. Serendipity!

Near and Far pho­tos: first is a shot through the frost-grid­ded fence, and the sec­ond is the gatepost at the research station.

I hope you enjoyed my pho­tos. As always, if you’re inter­est­ed in a print, let me know and we’ll see what we can work out.