More star trails

Star Trails

You’re not get­ting tired of these, are you? I hope not, because I’m not plan­ning to stop.

This one was shot in the wee hours of Fri­day, from about 12:101:10 AM, behind cab­in 650 at Elkhorn Resort. You can see the Inter­na­tion­al Space Sta­tion streak­ing by (I saw it go over­head, too, and I waved to the crew). Also, there’s a short mete­or streak in the low­er third, on the far right.

Time­lapse of the trails. Approx. 75× actu­al speed.

Nerdy details: 219 images @ 15s, f/2.8, 16mm, ISO 800. No dark frames. Stacked using a Star­trails plu­g­in for GIMP.

Inter­est­ed in prints of my pho­tos? Let me know, and we can work some­thing out.