Review: Son of a Trickster

Son of a Trickster

I read Eden Robin­son’s Son of a Trick­ster this weekend.

It’s the sto­ry of six­teen-year-old Jared, who’s doing his best, try­ing to bal­ance bak­ing weed cook­ies, car­ing for his elder­ly neigh­bours, keep­ing his dad from los­ing his home, keep­ing his aggres­sive mom off his case, and gen­er­al­ly just try­ing to not fail grade ten.

It’s not real help­ful that he’s start­ed hear­ing crows talk­ing to him.

The book is propul­sive and com­pelling. It kept me up late read­ing, and it made me wake up ear­ly to fin­ish read­ing. The char­ac­ters are bril­liant­ly drawn, flawed, human (even the ones that aren’t tech­ni­cal­ly human…), and the sto­ry is plain­ly told.

I’m look­ing for­ward to read­ing the rest of the trilogy.