Prairie​ Comics Festival

I went today to the Prairie Comics Festival. Reconnected with some writer friends (Chadwick, Sam, and Jamie), made some new connections (hi, Donovan​), and regretted not bringing along my business cards (at least three people asked about WordPress stuff).

But I picked up a bunch of local art, so at least there’s that.

  • Mini Book of Monster Girls by Autumn Crossman
  • Eggman Colouring Book #1 by Gabrielle Ng
  • How to be Human by Kathleen Bergen
  • Street Style  Samurai by Jamie Isfeld
  • Those Who Make Us with short stories by Chadwick Ginther and Corey Redekop, among others
  • Winterpeg by Matthew Dyck
  • Spacepig Hamadeus by Donovan Yaciuk
  • The Rangeroads  by Courtney Loberg

I look forward to a lot of reading.