I just sent back the con­tract, “signed” elec­tron­i­cal­ly, so I guess I can say this now:

Six of my very short sto­ries (ones writ­ten ini­tial­ly on the now-defunct Ficlets.com) are going to be pub­lished in the inau­gur­al issue of Word-o-Mat. They’ll be print­ed on pages small enough to fit in a cig­a­rette box, and sold from a repur­posed vend­ing machine in Malmö, Swe­den. (Also you’ll be able to buy copies online.)

The sto­ries they’ll be pub­lish­ing are:

  1. The Wait
  2. Eat­ing Every­thing There Ever Was
  3. The Inver­sion
  4. The Trick
  5. Danc­ing
  6. The End of All Things

Check them out. They’re a fledg­ling mar­ket with an intrigu­ing gimmick.