Access Copyright

Are you a Canadian writer?

Are you signed up with Access Copyright?

If not, why not?


I found out about Access Copyright via a circuitous path. One day a few years ago, my aunt — an English teacher, currently working in China — sent me an email congratulating me for my poem (my first publication, a poem named “The Two Seasons”) appearing in the provincial English exam.

My response: “Huh?”

After an extended conversation with my aunt and a couple bureaucrats in the Department of Education, I got a look at the exam, an explanation (which boiled down to “We thought we were in the clear, copyright-wise, because of Access Copyright”) and an an apology for their unacknowledged use of my copyrighted content.

And I signed up with Access Copyright as a Creator Affiliate, and now every year I get money in the mail, just for having published content on paper in Canada.

So, like I said: if you’re a Canadian writer, and not an Access Copyright affiliate: why not?