You learn something new every day (II)

Part I (almost entire­ly unrelated).

Some­how I’ve man­aged to go my entire judo career — 17+ years — with­out try­ing to use Sil­vio’s famous1 hip-throw grip (ie, grab­bing the gi at the hip, just above the belt) to per­form hane-goshi2, which is my favourite hip throw, if not my favourite judo tech­nique3 bar none.


Tonight I tried it, and the world, sud­den­ly, was my oys­ter. At least as far as hane-goshi was concerned.

My judo friends will know what I’m talk­ing about. (Espe­cial­ly the ones that knew Sil­vio. Have a drink in his mem­o­ry tonight, if you’re so inclined. I intend to.)

  1. Or infa­mous. 
  2. “Spring­ing hip” throw. 
  3. ie, tokui waza