The Golden Sentence

My friend Donna came up with the idea of the Golden Sentence, and I think it’s great.

Pick a book at random (or not-so-random), check the total number of pages, and divide by φ (aka the Golden Ratio, aka 1.618…).  Now go to the page you get, count the number of sentences, and divide that number by φ.  Count the sentences till you get to that one.  That’s your Golden Sentence.

I’ve been making my slow, savouring way through Gene Wolfe’s Wizard Knight duology, and so here are the golden sentences for those two books:

I would have liked to have Hob there, too; and in a way he was, because he was what the rest of us were thinking about.

The Knight

“We told her we had no subjects, that the Angrborn follow King Schildstarr, that though a queen we do not rule.”

The Wizard

(Some context:  in The Knight, Hob wasn’t there because an ogre had eaten him, which was sort of why they were all thinking about him; in the snippet from The Wizard, Queen Idnn of Jotunland, newly-married to King Gilling, is speaking, using the royal “we”.)

What’s the Golden Sentence for your favourite book?  (Or even the one nearest you?)