The Golden Sentence

My friend Don­na came up with the idea of the Gold­en Sen­tence, and I think it’s great.

Pick a book at ran­dom (or not-so-ran­dom), check the total num­ber of pages, and divide by φ (aka the Gold­en Ratio, aka 1.618…).  Now go to the page you get, count the num­ber of sen­tences, and divide that num­ber by φ.  Count the sen­tences till you get to that one.  That’s your Gold­en Sentence.

I’ve been mak­ing my slow, savour­ing way through Gene Wolfe’s Wiz­ard Knight duol­o­gy, and so here are the gold­en sen­tences for those two books:

I would have liked to have Hob there, too; and in a way he was, because he was what the rest of us were think­ing about.

The Knight

We told her we had no sub­jects, that the Angr­born fol­low King Schild­starr, that though a queen we do not rule.”

The Wiz­ard

(Some con­text: in The Knight, Hob was­n’t there because an ogre had eat­en him, which was sort of why they were all think­ing about him; in the snip­pet from The Wiz­ard, Queen Idnn of Jotun­land, new­ly-mar­ried to King Gilling, is speak­ing, using the roy­al “we”.)

What’s the Gold­en Sen­tence for your favourite book?  (Or even the one near­est you?)

Series: Gene Wolfe

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