A Zombie Tale

I saw a tweet from Inns­mouth Press — pur­vey­ors, IIRC, of lat­ter-day Cthul­hu sto­ries and the like — that spoke of a new anthol­o­gy of Cana­di­an zom­bie fic­tion, to be titled Dead North. I thought Hmmm, that could be an inter­est­ing challenge.

So I’m cur­rent­ly rumi­nat­ing on a short sto­ry about local zom­bies. So far I’m think­ing about zom­bies in gov­ern­ment, run­ning the show, and a small enclave of peo­ple strug­gling to cure what they per­ceive as the zom­bie curse. Once I’ve got a draft, I’ll be look­ing for peo­ple to read it and offer cri­tique. Let me know in the com­ments if you’d be inter­est­ed in help­ing out.