“Exit Interview” reviewed

A website called Diabolical Plots has taken it upon themselves to review pretty much anything and everything that Daily Science Fiction publishes.  In the last week or so, they got to the August 2011 stories, which include my short story, “Exit Interview“.

In short: they liked it.

When I was asked to review “Exit Interview” by Patrick Johanneson (debut 8/3 and reviewed by Anonymous), I was pleased as I clearly remembered reading it the day it arrived in my inbox–always a good sign. I enjoyed it as much reading it a second time.
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They also pointed out that no less a luminary than Mike Resnick — Mike Resnick! — has sold a story to Daily SF. That’s some esteemed company to be in, methinks. (For those not in the know — Mike Resnick has been nominated for more Hugo Awards than any other science fiction writer.  Including Grandmasters like Asimov, Clarke, and Heinlein.)

So.  How’s your day been?