Exit Interview” reviewed

A web­site called Dia­bol­i­cal Plots has tak­en it upon them­selves to review pret­ty much any­thing and every­thing that Dai­ly Sci­ence Fic­tion pub­lish­es.  In the last week or so, they got to the August 2011 sto­ries, which include my short sto­ry, “Exit Inter­view”.

In short: they liked it.

When I was asked to review “Exit Inter­view” by Patrick Johan­neson (debut 8/3 and reviewed by Anony­mous), I was pleased as I clear­ly remem­bered read­ing it the day it arrived in my inbox–always a good sign. I enjoyed it as much read­ing it a sec­ond time.
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They also point­ed out that no less a lumi­nary than Mike Resnick — Mike Resnick! — has sold a sto­ry to Dai­ly SF. That’s some esteemed com­pa­ny to be in, methinks. (For those not in the know — Mike Resnick has been nom­i­nat­ed for more Hugo Awards than any oth­er sci­ence fic­tion writer.  Includ­ing Grand­mas­ters like Asi­mov, Clarke, and Heinlein.)

So.  How’s your day been?