If you have the chance, check out the movie Star­buck.  I just got home from show­ing it at the Evans The­atre, and I must say, I real­ly enjoyed it.  It’s fun­ny, it’s touch­ing, and it shows — yet again — that Cana­da can make great movies.

It’s the sto­ry of David, a forty-some­thing who I would describe as a lov­able los­er.  He’s drift­ing through life, work­ing at a butch­er shop, play­ing soc­cer, get­ting into debt.  He dis­cov­ers that, due to some shenani­gans at the sperm bank where he used to donate, he’s the father of 500+ chil­dren.  Over a hun­dred of those kids — now in their late teens/early twen­ties — have band­ed togeth­er in a class-action law­suit to find out the iden­ti­ty of their real father, known to them only as his sperm-bank code­name:  Starbuck.

What comes next?  You’ll have to check out the movie to find out. Trust me. It’s worth it.