One more hit in Google

Oh hey look, Edge Publishing has added details about Tesseracts 14 to their website. So that’s one more place my name will appear when I go ego-surfing.

Looks like it’s ready for pre-ordering, too:

Brandonites: Pennywise Books
Americans, and the rest of the world too:

(Hint hint. Also, aside to Keith, if you’re reading this — if you’ve got a pre-order email address or something, I’d be abundantly happy to add it to the head of this list.)

I’m pretty excited, all over again! Also: I’ll be reading from my story “Heat Death, or, Answering the Ouroborous Question” at Words Alive this year. If things work out, I’ll also be able to sign books there, just like a Real Proper Author.


2 thoughts on “One more hit in Google

  1. If anyone is interested in purchasing this book locally and perhaps, if the author is willing, attending a reading, let me know and I will order you a copy. There will be shelf copies ordered, as well. Just call me at Pennywise Books.

    Thanks Pat. And congrats again.

  2. The author sure is willing. Even if it hasn’t come out by the time Words Alive rolls around, I’d be delighted to do a second reading later on.

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