One more hit in Google

Oh hey look, Edge Pub­lish­ing has added details about Tesser­acts 14 to their web­site. So that’s one more place my name will appear when I go ego-surfing.

Looks like it’s ready for pre-order­ing, too:

Bran­donites: Pen­ny­wise Books
Amer­i­cans, and the rest of the world too:

(Hint hint. Also, aside to Kei­th, if you’re read­ing this — if you’ve got a pre-order email address or some­thing, I’d be abun­dant­ly hap­py to add it to the head of this list.)

I’m pret­ty excit­ed, all over again! Also: I’ll be read­ing from my sto­ry “Heat Death, or, Answer­ing the Ouroborous Ques­tion” at Words Alive this year. If things work out, I’ll also be able to sign books there, just like a Real Prop­er Author.


2 thoughts on “One more hit in Google

  1. If any­one is inter­est­ed in pur­chas­ing this book local­ly and per­haps, if the author is will­ing, attend­ing a read­ing, let me know and I will order you a copy. There will be shelf copies ordered, as well. Just call me at Pen­ny­wise Books.

    Thanks Pat. And con­grats again.

  2. The author sure is will­ing. Even if it has­n’t come out by the time Words Alive rolls around, I’d be delight­ed to do a sec­ond read­ing lat­er on.

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