Writing group meeting

So tonight I went to the sec­ond Group Voice meet­ing. Group Voice is a local writ­ers’ group, new­ly-formed. Last meet­ing, two weeks ago, we pret­ty much just intro­duced ourselves.

This time we all brought some­thing to read to the group — I brought the first cou­ple sec­tions of my cur­rent WiP, Once I was you — and we went around the room, each read­ing, and receiv­ing com­ments. It was quite a diverse group — we had a sto­ry from the POV of a fly, three short poems, a slice of fic­tion­al­ized auto­bi­og­ra­phy, some high fan­ta­sy, my SF bit, a humourous piece about what is sure­ly the best beard evar, and a bit of zom­bie lit (though he chose to call the vil­lains “were­wolves”, main­ly because the first-per­son pro­tag­o­nist felt that “zom­bies are over­done lately”).

I was impressed. There are some very good writ­ers in this town.

At the end of the meet­ing, we all took a piece of paper and wrote down a sto­ry prompt. I wrote Time-trav­el­ling Nazi sol­diers see the results of WWII. Then we all put our prompts into a buck­et, and drew out ran­dom ones. For the next meet­ing, in two weeks’ time, I have to write a sto­ry based on the fol­low­ing prompt:

Romance between a worm and a giraffe.

Can’t wait.


On a slight­ly more seri­ous note: This has real­ly got­ten me inter­est­ed in my project again. Once I was you will like­ly be a nov­el-length project; I have a lit­tle shy of 14,000 words writ­ten so far. I’m try­ing to come up with a thumb­nail of the sto­ry that does­n’t sound insane. So far I have: A wom­an’s ghost from the present day gets involved in a war, in 750,000,000 AD, against the enti­ties that made our Uni­verse, and are now done with it.

That’s not the whole sto­ry, of course. Most of the terms in there need a foot­note that sim­ply says “Sort of”. She’s sort of a ghost. It’s kind of a war. The con­flict is more or less against the Mak­ers. It’s more or less set in 750,000,000 AD. And so forth.

Inter­est­ed? I hope so, because once this post is done, I’ll be writ­ing more in the sto­ry. If you want to see a snip­pet, let me know. You know how to reach me.

(If you don’t — if you’re new here — feel free to leave a com­ment. That’s one way to reach me.)

Next time: Some pho­tos — hope­ful­ly not of knee-deep snow.