Ha ha ha waah

This is not a polit­i­cal blog, nor will it become one, but:

Stephen Harp­er appoints senators

Stephen Harp­er keeps telling Cana­di­ans to tight­en their belts,” said NDP demo­c­ra­t­ic reform crit­ic David Christo­pher­son. “But these 18 unelect­ed sen­a­tors will cost the tax­pay­er over $6 mil­lion a year. When will the Con­ser­v­a­tives start prac­tis­ing what they preach?”

Harp­er appoints judge

Stephen Harp­er has offi­cial­ly appoint­ed Thomas Cromwell of the Nova Sco­tia Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court, bypass­ing a par­lia­men­tary hear­ing process [Harp­er] has cham­pi­oned to more open­ly scru­ti­nize nominees.

I sus­pect he did this stuff now so that Rick Mer­cer could­n’t pounce on it.


OK, for you non-Cana­di­ans, here’s a quick ref­er­ence card:

Stephen Harp­er is the Prime Min­is­ter of Cana­da. He is the leader of a minor­i­ty gov­ern­ment, which means that his par­ty got less than 50% of the seats in Par­lia­ment, but more than any oth­er par­ty. (We’ve got 5 par­ties with seats in Par­lia­ment.) Part of his cam­paign, part of his essence, is Sen­ate reform: the estab­lish­ment of a Sen­ate that’s elect­ed, not appoint­ed. Appar­ent­ly he’s not quite so ded­i­cat­ed to that ide­al as we all thought.

Rick Mer­cer is a polit­i­cal come­di­an. He has a week­ly show, cur­rent­ly on a Christ­mas hia­tus, where­in he rants about the foibles of the Cana­di­an gov­ern­ment. I can’t wait to see what he’s got to say on this topic.

The last time Harp­er did a volte-face on his pol­i­cy, here’s what we got:

So yeah. I’m laugh­ing at Harp­er, and cry­ing too.