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This is not a political blog, nor will it become one, but:

Stephen Harper appoints senators

“Stephen Harper keeps telling Canadians to tighten their belts,” said NDP democratic reform critic David Christopherson. “But these 18 unelected senators will cost the taxpayer over $6 million a year. When will the Conservatives start practising what they preach?”

Harper appoints judge

Stephen Harper has officially appointed Thomas Cromwell of the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court, bypassing a parliamentary hearing process [Harper] has championed to more openly scrutinize nominees.

I suspect he did this stuff now so that Rick Mercer couldn’t pounce on it.


OK, for you non-Canadians, here’s a quick reference card:

Stephen Harper is the Prime Minister of Canada. He is the leader of a minority government, which means that his party got less than 50% of the seats in Parliament, but more than any other party. (We’ve got 5 parties with seats in Parliament.) Part of his campaign, part of his essence, is Senate reform: the establishment of a Senate that’s elected, not appointed. Apparently he’s not quite so dedicated to that ideal as we all thought.

Rick Mercer is a political comedian. He has a weekly show, currently on a Christmas hiatus, wherein he rants about the foibles of the Canadian government. I can’t wait to see what he’s got to say on this topic.

The last time Harper did a volte-face on his policy, here’s what we got:

So yeah. I’m laughing at Harper, and crying too.