Writing update

I’m try­ing to work on a cou­ple of projects, with some suc­cess. I’ve got a new site set up for a project I’m call­ing Cin­der, and some­day, maybe I’ll fill it up with con­tent. Right now I’ve got a cloud of ideas, but I want­ed to get the design right. Ok, I want­ed to play in Pho­to­shop and/or the GIMP.

I’m also work­ing on a longish short sto­ry (9000 words, right now, but it may expand or con­tract; first drafts, you know) set in Ukraine, titled “Between Heav­en and Earth”. It may be one of the dark­est things I’ve ever writ­ten, and I think it may get dark­er before it’s done.

And I’ve still got my zom­bies vs. pirates sto­ry on the go, and I also want to work on my nano win­ner from a cou­ple years ago.

Well, back at ‘er.