Christmas baking

Every year at Christmas, one of the family treats is a sweet li’l treat that we’ve always known simply as “Jewish pastry”. This year I decided I’d like to take a crack at making it, and faced my first obstacle: How do you google a treat that you know by such a generic (and certainly incorrect) name?

So I punched “jewish pastry” into Google’s helpful little box, and got however many thousands of returns. Canny critter that I am, I had a look at the image search results. Turns out the proper name for “Jewish pastry” is rugelach.

Armed with that knowledge, I tried hunting for rugelach in Google. And discovered that there are as many recipes for rugelach as there are Jewish grandmothers. Hmmm.

So I emailed my mom, and got our iteration of the recipe from her. It came from my great-aunt Olga, who is on the Ukrainian side of the family.

Right now the dough’s chilling in the fridge. Soon I’ll be dabbing strawberry jam onto triangles of dough and rolling them up and baking them. Hopefully it turns out.

Wish me luck!

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