If you haven’t read Bone yet, you really should.

I won’t say any more*, because I should be writing my own zombie-lawyer epic, but here are passel of reviews.

* Except this: I didn’t want it to end. As I approached page 1200**, I found myself torn: I couldn’t wait to turn the page and see just how everyone was going to get out of this jam, but I wanted to pace myself, because I didn’t want to get to the ending. No matter how good an ending it was (and I feel it was just about perfect), it would still be The End. I wanted to stay with all of them—the Bone cousins, Thorn, Gran’ma Ben, the red dragon, even the stupid, stupid rat creatures—just a little longer.

It’s been almost forever since I read a book that made me feel that way.

** Yes. It’s a comic. Yes. It’s clear of 1300 pages long.