It’s been a lit­tle while, has­n’t it?

Tonight I have judo. Next week­end I may be head­ing into the city for a coach­ing tech­ni­cal class. Yes, the two of them are related.

I’ve been work­ing on Every­thing that nev­er hap­pened, but not enough. I need to get some seri­ous writ­ing done tomorrow.

Face­book is, as I think I point­ed out ear­li­er, a bit like crack over DSL.

Xubun­tu still rules, and still runs my nerd-box upstairs. It’s even lost its WiFi net­work con­nec­tion less fre­quent­ly and less cat­a­stroph­i­cal­ly than the Win­dows box that it has replaced.

And that’s all I can think of now. More updates when I have some­thing to say.