Fun, but not productive

So my wife bought me Lego Star Wars II: The Orig­i­nal Tril­o­gy a month and a half ago, for my birth­day, and I’m addict­ed. I played tonight for a while (about an hour and a half, I think–time gets slip­pery when I’m in the throes of a nerd-game), and I man­aged to fin­ish the “Sto­ry” play of The Empire Strikes Back.

The neat thing about the game, though, is that once you’ve played a giv­en lev­el through in Sto­ry mode, you can re-enter the lev­el in Free Play mode, which allows you to take in any char­ac­ters or vehi­cles you’ve unlocked or “bought” in the Mos Eis­ley Can­ti­na (which serves as a home base). So I decid­ed to try the first chap­ter of Empire again, only this time with some dif­fer­ent vehi­cles: a TIE Inter­cep­tor and the Mil­le­ni­um Fal­con, among others.

Then, as I was cruis­ing along the icy wastes of Hoth, fir­ing tur­bo­laser can­nons with glee­ful aban­don, I thought, Hmm, I won­der if I can get a screen­shot. I pushed the Print Screen but­ton, and lo, I end­ed up with this:

What I did tonight

Awe­some, I thought.

Then: I am such a nerd.

And… I got near­ly zero writ­ing done tonight. Maybe I burned out the oth­er night when I did 3200 words in three hours, stay­ing up way past my bed­time to do it.