We painted the living room over the last few days.

We went from a fairly dark blue
The Tree

to a significantly lighter blue.

We primed it first, which annoyed me, but was probably for the best.

I think it looks pretty good.

5 thoughts on “Painting

  1. The colour in the photos looks more purple than it really is. If you want to see the exact shade, go to your local Home Depot and dig through the Behr paint chips till you find “Costa Rica Blue”.


  2. Honestly I always liked the Darker blue. Made the place seem cozy. We’ll have to come by and inspect the job. I agree though with Doug, it’s a cool pic of you.

  3. It’s still plenty cozy. It’s just a lighter blue. The photos make it look more purple than it is, and I was too lazy to adjust them to reflect reality.

  4. I liked the darker blue too, but this says “blue” instead of “BLUE!!!”. We still have the room upstairs that colour…with the white.

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