More nerdiness…

…if you’ll per­mit me.

Code Ignit­er rocks*.

It was a geeky night for me. I watched an episode of Bat­tlestar Galac­ti­ca, then fid­dled with Code Ignit­er for an hour that felt like ten min­utes. I think I’m going to try and use CI for a web­site that will allow me to give friends and fam­i­ly the abil­i­ty to read and com­ment on my fic­tion, with­out throw­ing it open for the whole of the inter­net to read.

I guess the next step is to plan out the data­base struc­ture, and then write some more CI code. And write some more fic­tion, too, of course…

* I sup­pose that should be spelled “r0x0rz”, but I can’t stand 1337-“speak”.