Family Reunion; Air Museum

So my wife’s fam­i­ly had a reunion this past week­end. It was held down in Minto (about 45 min­utes south), and the parts we got to fea­tured lots of food, a bon­fire, and fireworks.

Around the fire

(This is going to get a lit­tle image-heavy, so I’ll put the rest of the pho­tos in the full post.)

Kath­leen at fireside



Night lights


A fun time was had by all and sundry.

Also, both of Kath­leen’s sis­ters and their fam­i­lies stayed with us on Sun­day night.

When there are two chil­dren under two in your house, every­thing’s a toy.

After the Edmon­ton clan moved on, hop­ing to make some good miles on Mon­day, we took the Win­nipeg clan up the road to the Com­mon­wealth Air Train­ing Plan Muse­um. In World War II, a great many pilots of the Com­mon­wealth (British, Cana­di­an, Aus­tralian, and New Zealand…ish?) got their air train­ing in Cana­da. Quite a few small cities owe their local air­ports to the Train­ing Plan. The Muse­um is ded­i­cat­ed to this peri­od of his­to­ry, and its vol­un­teers do restora­tion work on air­craft and oth­er items per­ti­nent to the Plan–guns, for instance, and fuel trucks, crash wag­ons, jeeps, and the like. There was even a snow­blow­er truck, its prow a nasty-look­ing maw of whirling blades.

In the book
In the memo­r­i­al book, I found a rel­a­tive: Thomas Patrick Quinn, who is my namesake.

The Cockpit
They have one plane set up so that you actu­al­ly clam­ber up on the wing and into the cock­pit. The con­trols are hooked up, too; my 19-month-old nephew pulled back on the wheel, and the ele­va­tors in the tail moved.

The Hangar
A shot of the hangar, show­ing some of the planes that have been restored.

Old Truck
A truck of some description–perhaps a fuel truck–from Dauphin, which is half an hour from where I grew up. Dauphin’s air­port is one of many that was con­struct­ed and used by the Train­ing Plan.

All in all, it was a fun week­end. We had great weath­er, too. But now it’s time for work. And there’s thun­der­show­ers in the forecast…

Inter­est­ed in prints of my pho­tos? Let me know, and we can work some­thing out.