Good Tunes

So I was out dri­ving around yes­ter­day. I dropped Kath­leen off at work, then had to go down to the oth­er end of town* to get a par­cel in the mail. The radio start­ed play­ing dreck, as it will some­times do, so I tried anoth­er sta­tion. Specif­i­cal­ly, the local col­lege radio station.

Like I’ve said before, some­times the col­lege sta­tion will play good stuff, and some­times it’ll be crap, but even when it’s crap, it’s at least dif­fer­ent crap than on the cor­po­rate stations.

Yes­ter­day at about 7:00ish PM, some­one was pro­gram­ming for me. When I got to the mall, where the post office is locat­ed, they had just fin­ished play­ing “More” by 13 Engines. When I got back in the car, I had missed the first verse of “So Gen­tly We Go” by I Moth­er Earth. It was like it was the 90s alt-rock-when-it-still-meant-rawk hour or some­thing. I’m halfway sur­prised there was no Pearl Jam or Nir­vana in the set, but maybe I just missed it.

In short, it made me smile.

Wake me up when the day is late
So I can watch the sun­set and go back to bed
And dream so real of fan­tas­tic things,
Psy­chodra­mat­ic means to uncer­tain ends
I’ll scare you blind with my confidence,
Cool as Jesus and His twelve best friends
And the rea­son we can do these things is that
The earth has told of an out­ra­geous spring

–I Moth­er Earth, “So Gen­tly We Go”

* I make it sound like such a trek, but it’s fif­teen min­utes if the lights are against you. Actu­al­ly, yes­ter­day, it took almost twen­ty min­utes, because of an unex­pect­ed detour.