Good Tunes

So I was out driving around yesterday. I dropped Kathleen off at work, then had to go down to the other end of town* to get a parcel in the mail. The radio started playing dreck, as it will sometimes do, so I tried another station. Specifically, the local college radio station.

Like I’ve said before, sometimes the college station will play good stuff, and sometimes it’ll be crap, but even when it’s crap, it’s at least different crap than on the corporate stations.

Yesterday at about 7:00ish PM, someone was programming for me. When I got to the mall, where the post office is located, they had just finished playing “More” by 13 Engines. When I got back in the car, I had missed the first verse of “So Gently We Go” by I Mother Earth. It was like it was the 90s alt-rock-when-it-still-meant-rawk hour or something. I’m halfway surprised there was no Pearl Jam or Nirvana in the set, but maybe I just missed it.

In short, it made me smile.

Wake me up when the day is late
So I can watch the sunset and go back to bed
And dream so real of fantastic things,
Psychodramatic means to uncertain ends
I’ll scare you blind with my confidence,
Cool as Jesus and His twelve best friends
And the reason we can do these things is that
The earth has told of an outrageous spring

–I Mother Earth, “So Gently We Go”

* I make it sound like such a trek, but it’s fifteen minutes if the lights are against you. Actually, yesterday, it took almost twenty minutes, because of an unexpected detour.